Recording Adobe Flex content

You can record an HTTP session that contains traffic to and from a .swf Adobe Flex application.

About this task

The Adobe Flash plugin must be installed in your web browser to run flex applications (.swf files) and to record the HTTP session.

Adobe Flex technology allows communication through XML, SOAP, or AMF. AMF is compressed binary data that must transformed into XML to be used in an HTTP performance test.


  1. Record the HTTP as described in Recording an HTTP test. By default, HCL OneTest™ Performance transforms the AMF format in to the XML format.
  2. Optional: If you configured the default setting of HCL OneTest Performance to not transform after the recording, follow the steps in the Transforming binary data in tests topic.


After the transformation, the XML data is generated in the test with "amf" prefixes in the names, as in the following example:
<amf3Property amfName="zipcode" amfType="amf3String" zipcode="94103"/>
The generated XML can be used for data correlation. Only the amfValue attributes or attirbutes without the amf prefix can be used for data correlation.
Note: Do not modify or use data correlation on any XML attributes that start with the amf prefix except for amfValue. If these attributes are modified, the replay of the test will cause errors.