Prerequisites for Siebel testing

To test Siebel applications, the Siebel Test Automation and the Microsoft C++ runtime libraries must be installed on the workbench computer.

About this task

Siebel applications run only on Windows operating system, therefore you must run the Siebel tests only on Windows. You must not add a Siebel test to a schedule that you deploy to run on operating systems other than Windows.

Note: HCL OneTest™ Performance 64-bit workbench does not support testing Siebel applications.


To install the prerequisites for testing Siebel applications:

  1. Obtain the Siebel Test Automation library, ssdtcorr.dll, from Siebel.
  2. Copy the ssdtcorr.dll file to the workbench computer in this path: ...\hcl\hclproducts\hot-perf\external_files\deployable\siebel\, where ...\hcl\hclproducts\hot-perf\ is the product installation directory.

    If the Siebel Test Automation library is not installed, Siebel tests will fail, and a warning message will display when you edit a Siebel test. After the library is installed on the workbench computer, it is automatically deployed as needed to any remote location. The library must be on any computer that runs a Siebel test.

    You can use the rptExternal variable in the config.ini file to control where external files must be installed. By default, the rptExternal variable is set to the product installation directory. Edit the rptExternal variable if you want to install the .dll files to a different location.

    For example, if you set the rptExternal variable to e\:\\hcl\\hclproducts\\hot-perf then you would install the Siebel Test Automation library in e:\hcl\hclproducts\hot-perf\external_files\deployable\siebel\. Note that you must use an extra backslash before the colon and backslashes in the path.
  3. Copy the appropriate Microsoft C++ runtime library to the workbench computer in the same directory as the ssdtcorr.dll file. Recent version of ssdtcorr.dll (Version for example) require msvcr110.dll. Older versions of ssdtcorr.dll (like Version need msvcr70.dll.

    To download the appropriate Visual C++ runtime library from the Microsoft web site, download the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools for msvcr70.dll or the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 to get msvcr110.dll. The file name is case-sensitive, and must be all lower-case. The file must be named msvcr70.dll, not MSVCR70.DLL

    Once installed in the correct directory on the workbench computer, the Microsoft C++ runtime library is automatically deployed as needed to any remote location.