HTTP server access configuration details

Server access configurations store HTTP connection information. By default, a connection does not remain open across test boundaries. Several connections can use the same server access configuration, and the same connection can be used by several other requests in the same test. If you change the host, port, or authentication for a server access configuration, those changes apply to all connections in the test that use the configuration.
Configuration name
Specifies the name of the server access configuration.
Specifies the name of the host for the web server. Usually, this is the fully qualified domain name, but it can be an IP address or other name.
Specifies the listener port on the web server.
Authentication and security
Indicates whether this connection uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the NT/LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication protocol from Microsoft, or an HTTP proxy server. A blank field indicates that the connection is unauthenticated and not secure. To add proxy, SSL, or NTLM authentication, expand the request, click the connection, and then click Add.
Connections that use this configuration
Lists the connections that use this configuration.