HTTP response data details

Response data fields apply to the response data that is returned by each page request.
General tab
Indicates the status code for the HTTP response, such as 200, 201, 203, or 302.
Indicates the HTTP version, such as 1.1.
Indicates the code for the HTTP response, such as OK, Found, or Not Found.
Response Headers
Lists each response header and its value. To change the value of a header, click the row, and then click Modify. To add a new header, click Add. To delete a header, click Remove.
Shows the content (such as tagged HTML, graphics files, or stylesheet files) that the web server returned, based on the corresponding request.
Advanced tab
Applied transform
Indicates the data transform that is applied to the response. Click Change to select a data transform to apply to the response.
Character set
Indicates the character set to be used for the response. Click Change and select the encoding to change the character set.