HTTP protocol data view preferences

Preference settings control how protocol data is displayed when tests run.
Access the preference settings for the HTTP protocol data view. Click Window > Preferences > Test > HTTP Protocol Data View.
Render binary response data
Typically, you leave this box unchecked, because the data is generally unreadable and can cause temporary high processor usage when converted into text. If enabled, the Response and Browser pages of the Protocol Data view display unrecognized binary data.
Replay delay
During test debugging, when you replay one virtual user after the run is completed, specify the number of seconds that the Protocol Data view pauses between showing each page.
Enable real-time protocol data support for HTTP test
Typically, you leave this box checked and select whether you want to display the Browser tab or the Event Log tab by default; you can switch between these pages during playback.
Show the following page when launching HTTP test
Specifies which page is displayed when an HTTP test runs.
  • Browser: Click to view rendered HTTP pages during playback, thus verifying that a test is behaving as expected. Because the protocol data is used, the Browser page might not render the contents exactly as a web browser would.
  • Event Log: Click to see a line of summary information for each defined page of the currently running test. This summary includes a count of verdicts that did not pass, unexpected response codes, and other items of interest. Click an event to drill down for more detailed information.
Highlight Substitutions in Protocol Data View
This option visibly highlights substituted data in the Request, Response Headers and Response Content pages of the Protocol Data View when viewing test log or test editor elements that use data correlation.