Release Notes - HCL OneTest Performance, Version 9.2.1 and

This document contains information about what's new, known limitations and problems HCL OneTest™ Performance.


HCL OneTest Performance is a scripting-free environment for automating load and scalability testing of web, ERP, and server-based software applications. HCL OneTest Performance provides rich and customizable reporting to help you identify the presence and cause of system bottlenecks. It captures the network traffic that is rendered when the application under test interacts with a server. This network traffic is then emulated on multiple virtual users while playing back the test. With HCL OneTest Performance, you can test applications that use the following protocols or domains:
  • HTTP
  • SAP (GUI)
  • Citrix
  • Socket
  • TN3270
  • Service (SOA)
To scale up the load for tests without investing money in computers, you can create a schedule that runs in a cloud location. You can specify the number of agents required for a run. The cost of the cloud run is based on the number of virtual users and the number of hours.

System requirements

For information about hardware and software compatibility for HCL OneTest Performance, see the PDF document on HCL License & Delivery Portal where the product bits are hosted.

What's new in

What's new in 9.2.1

Installing the product

You cannot upgrade the product from version 9.2.1 to You have to uninstall the existing version before installing

To install the product, see the Installing section in the navigation.

Known limitations

The known limitations are listed here:
  • The Web Analytics reports do not open on Ubuntu 16.04. To resolve this issue, install libwebkitgtk 1.0.0 and then run a test. To install libwebkitgtk 1.0.0, run the following command in the terminal: sudo apt install libwebkitgtk-1.0.0.
  • When you do performance monitoring of the resources of a remote Windows computer, you specify the credentials of that computer in HCL OneTest Performance. The credentials are stored in a Windows file. If the credentials of the remote computer changes and you updated the credentials from HCL OneTest Performance, the test run with Windows Performance Monitoring will still fail. You must restart the workbench computer and then change the credentials from HCL OneTest Performance.
  • You cannot install HCL OneTest Performance and Rational Performance Tester on the same computer or package group. Also, you cannot install or shell-share HCL OneTest Performance with another Rational testing product such as Rational Test Workbench.
  • Running tests with Chrome while logged in as root on Linux computers is not supported.
  • When you start an information center for the first time, you might see an error "Unable to acquire PluginConverter service during generation for error messages". You can safely ignore the error.

    Stop the information center and then restart it.

  • To run SAP GUI tests with 20 or more virtual users on Oracle JDK, you can use the Long Run Mode option. Otherwise, the SAP GUI tests would fail. See Running a long run mode SAP GUI test.
  • After starting the product, a message such as the following appears in the product console: The IBM Class Sharing Adaptor will not work in this configuration. You are not running on a J9 Java VM. This message is displayed because the version of Eclipse that is used in the IDE is from IBM and has the IBM Java optimizations enabled. To resolve the issue:
    1. Locate the plugin in the Shared installation directory of the installed product.
    2. Back up the plugin and then remove it.

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