Monitoring resource data

You can use resource monitoring to capture data, such as processor or memory usage, while running a test schedule.
Resource monitoring can provide a comprehensive view of a system under test, to aid in problem determination. The system under test can be in the cloud or on-premise. You can monitor the system under test or the agents by using these technologies:
  • Apache HTTP Server Managed Beans
  • Apache Tomcat Managed Beans
  • IBM®Tivoli® monitoring agents
  • IBMDB2® snapshot monitors
  • The IBMWebSphere® Performance Monitoring Infrastructure
  • JBoss Application Server Managed Beans
  • Java™ Virtual Machine Managed Beans
  • Oracle Database monitors
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Managed Beans
  • SAP NetWeaver Managed Beans
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agents
  • the UNIX rstatd monitor
  • Windows Performance Monitor

To use resource monitoring, you must enable resource monitoring in the test schedule and add data sources.