Enabling Resource Monitoring Service

To capture performance statistics of a computer's resources during a schedule run, you must enable Resource Monitoring Service.

Before you begin

You must have installed HCL Quality Server and started it. The server URL must be specified from the workbench.

To specify the server URL in the workbench, click Window > Preferences > Test > HCL Quality Server. To use a different server for Resource Monitoring, click Resource Monitoring and specify the URL.

About this task

When you connect the workbench with the server, the data sources that you add in Resource Monitoring Service are displayed in the workbench. You can then choose which data source to monitor during the run. You can monitor the following data sources from Resource Monitoring Service:
  • Windows Performance Host
  • Linux Performance Host
  • Apache httpd server
  • NGINX server


  1. Open a schedule in the editor.
  2. From the Schedule Details area, select the Resource Monitoring from Service option.
  3. Select the Enable resource monitoring from service check box. This action activates the Data Source table.
  4. To select the data sources for the run, click Add/Remove, select the data sources, and click Finish.
    Note: Only the data sources that you added in the Resource Monitoring Service are available for selection. See Adding data sources to Resource Monitoring Service.
  5. Select Ignore invalid resources when executing the schedule to suppress error messages about resource monitoring data sources.
    Note: These errors can occur if the data sources are unreachable or invalid. If you select this option, you must view logs to see the error messages.


The Resource Monitoring Service is now enabled from the workbench.