Adding resource counters to reports - Legacy Reports

You can add resource counters to reports in several ways.

Before you begin

First you need to capture or import resource monitoring data.


  1. Right-click any report, click Add/Remove Performance Counters, and then click a category of counter that you want to add or remove. For example, if you want to check resource monitoring counters in HCL OneTest™ Performance, select Resource Monitoring Counter. If you want to check performance of applications for Web UI tests in HCL OneTest UI, select Mobile and Web UI Performance Counters.
    Note: If you have not captured or imported any resource monitoring data but have selected Resource Monitoring Counter, then no resource counters are available.
  2. Select the check boxes for the counters that you want to add to the report. If you are adding multiple counters with different ranges of values, you can adjust the scale for better viewing.
  3. Clear the check boxes for the counters that you want to remove from the report.
  4. Click Finish. The graph scales automatically to accommodate any added data. Hold your mouse pointer over a resource counter data point to see the exact value of the counter.

What to do next

Now you can customize the appearance of the report graphs and filter the counters displayed.