Setting logging levels

To limit the amount of response time breakdown data collected, adjust logging levels.

Before you begin

To set logging levels, you need to have a schedule where you have enabled response time breakdown data collection.


  1. Open a schedule in the editor.
  2. In the Schedule Element Details area, click the Response Time Breakdown tab.
  3. Choose a Detail level of Low, Medium, or High.
  4. If you set the detail level to High or Medium, also click Only sample information from a subset of users to prevent the log from getting too large.
    1. Click Fixed number of users, and type a number to specify that the given number of users from each group is sampled. Unless you have specific reasons to collect data from multiple users, select Fixed number of users, and specify one user per user group.
    2. You can also click Percentage of users, and specify a percentage. That percentage is sampled from each user group, but at least one user is sampled from each user group.

What to do next

Now you can run schedules and capture response time breakdown data.