Testing the Daytrader application

The Daytrader test provides a load using the Daytrader application.

This application is available at http://geronimo.apache.org/GMOxDOC30/daytrader-a-more-complex-application.html.

  1. Click Daytrader in the Test Project to open the application in the editor.
  2. Open the Test Variables.
  3. Change the hostname variable to the name of the IBM® WebSphere® Application Server to stress test.
  4. Select Schedule_Daytrader in the Test Project to open the schedule in the editor.
  5. Click Run to start the test. The test runs for approximately 5 minutes.

On the Daytrader application configuration page, you can change the configuration from Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) to Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Run the Daytrader test in both modes to obtain the widest possible coverage.