SAP connection details

In the test editor, SAP connection elements are at the top of the test site and describe the connection to the SAP R/3 server. These settings apply to the entire test.
SAP system name
This is the description normally used by SAP Logon to identify the server. If the Connection by string option is selected this field is ignored.
Connection by string
Select this option to use the connection string that was returned by the server when recording to connect to the server without referring to the SAP Logon program. This is safer when deploying the test on remote computers. Advanced users can edit the connection string if necessary. You can use data correlation to substitute this value.
Get SAP GUI session statistics
Select this option to record session statistics from the SAP GUI client in the test results. These results are displayed on the User Load page of the test report.
Use new visual design
Select this option to run tests with a visual design theme when using SAP GUI 7.0 or later. In most cases, it is best to leave this option disabled, which causes tests to run with the default SAP GUI visual design and avoids compatibility issues.
Use recorded visual design theme
If Use new visual design is selected, select this option to use the visual design theme that was used during the recording o
Use other visual design theme
If Use new visual design is selected, select this option to use a specific visual design theme. Ensure that the name is correct and that the visual design theme is installed on the test computer. Unexpected results might occur if you specify a visual design theme name that cannot be located on the test computer.