SAP test details

In the test editor, the test element is the first element in the test suite. These settings apply to the entire test.

SAP options

Display SAP GUI on execution
During test execution, it might not be desirable to display the SAP GUI. Hiding the SAP GUI improves the performance of the virtual users. This setting specifies the behavior for the current test suite. However, you can change the default setting for generated tests in the SAP Test Generation preferences.
When selected, all instances of the SAP GUI are hidden. In some cases, modal dialog boxes from the SAP GUI can flash briefly on the screen. This is the default setting.
When selected, the SAP GUI is displayed for all virtual users.
Show only first virtual user
When selected, the SAP GUI is displayed only for the first virtual user. All other instances of the SAP GUI are hidden. This allows you to monitor the execution.

Common options

Lists details about each datapool used by the test: the name of the datapool, the columns that are used, and the location in the test where the datapool column is referenced. Click the location to navigate there.
Add datapool
Adds a reference to a datapool that you want a test to use. Clicking this option is the same as clicking Add > Datapool with the test selected.
Removes the selected datapool. This option is not available if the datapool is in use.