SAP test editor preferences

The SAP test editor preferences control the specific behavior of the test editor with SAP test suites.

To access the SAP test editor preferences, click Window > Preferences, expand Test, expand Test Editor, and click SAP Test Editor. After changing a setting, click Apply.

SAP Protocol Data View
These settings specify how the SAP Protocol Data view is displayed.
SAP GUI object highlight color
This setting specifies the color of the frame that highlights selected objects on the SAP GUI Screen page of the SAP Protocol Data view. By default, the highlight color is red.
Automatically set focus on SAP Protocol Data view
When enabled, this option automatically ensures that the SAP Protocol Data view is displayed each time an element is selected in the test editor. Disable this option if you want to hide the SAP Protocol Data view or remove it from the Performance Test perspective. This option is enabled by default.