Configuring SAP R/3 for performance testing

Performance test recording and execution requires scripting to be enabled on the SAP R/3 application server and on all SAP GUI clients that are installed on remote computers. The following instructions are for SAP R/3 version 6.40 and might vary with other versions. Refer to SAP documentation for further information.

Before you begin

Performance testing relies on the SAP Scripting API and ActiveX. Make sure that Active X is installed when installing the SAP GUI client and enable scripting on the SAP R/3 server.

Note: You only need to perform the following actions once. Scripting should remain enabled on the SAP R/3 server after a restart.


To enable scripting on the SAP R/3 server:

  1. Check that there is a Scripting directory located in the SAP GUI installation directory. If this directory does not exist, then the SAP Scripting API is not installed and you must reinstall SAP GUI with the SAP Scripting API option.
  2. Run the SAP GUI client and logon to SAP R/3 with your user name and password. Administrator privileges might be required to enable scripting on the server.
  3. In SAP, run the transaction rz11, type the parameter name sapgui/user_scripting, and then click Display. If the parameter is not found, then make sure you have the correct support package level from SAP. Contact your SAP representative for guidance.
  4. If the Current value is FALSE, click the Change value button, and then set the New value to TRUE in uppercase characters.
  5. Click Save, and then end the transaction. Scripting will be enabled the next time you log on.
  6. In the SAP GUI client toolbar, click the Customizing of Local Layout toolbar button, and then select Options.
  7. Select the Scripting page.
  8. Select Enable Scripting, and then disable both Notify When a Script Attaches to Running GUI and Notify When a Script Opens a Connection.
  9. Click OK.
  10. In the Help menu, select Settings, and then select the F4 Help page.
  11. In Display, select Dialog (modal) and then click the Enter Enter button.

What to do next

Repeat steps 5 through 9 for SAP GUI clients on all remote computers. For more information about enabling scripting on the SAP R/3 application server, refer to the following SAP notes, available from SAP:
  • 480149: ABAP and patch level requirements
  • 587202: Limitations of SAP GUI Scripting
  • 527737: Composite SAP Note on SAP GUI Scripting
  • 612454: SAP GUI Scripting status and lifetime
  • 619459: SAP GUI Scripting support of SAP applications