Inserting a new recording into an SAP test

You can insert a new recording into a test. Use this feature to add or replace a part of a recorded session.

Before you begin

Inserting a new sequence into a test requires that the SAP session reaches the same state as is expected at the point where the new sequence is inserted. To do this, the SAP test recorder automatically replays the existing scenario up to the insertion point before starting the new recording.


  1. In the test editor, select the element before which you want to insert the new recording. It is easier to manage the new test sequence when the insertion point is at the transaction level of the test.
  2. Click Insert, and then New recording. The test starts replaying up to the selected insertion point.
  3. When the New Recording window is displayed, perform the sequence of actions that you want to add to the existing test.
  4. When you have finished, in the New Recording window, click Stop to stop the recording. A progress window opens while the test is generated. On completion, the Recorder Control view displays the message, Test generation completed, and the test is updated with the new contents.
  5. After the test has been updated in the Test Navigator, check that the new sequence was properly inserted into the test, and then click File > Save to save the test or File > Revert to cancel the inserted recording.