Recording an SAP batch input test

With SAP batch input tests, you can generate a load on the server without requiring that each virtual tester run SAP GUI. Typically, you use batch input tests in a schedule mixed with normal SAP performance tests to increase the load on the server.

Before you begin

SAP batch input tests cannot contain verification points and do not produce performance results.

Create SAP batch input tests by recording a batch input transaction that you created in SAP GUI.

Before you can use SAP batch input test, you must add the SAP Java™ Connector (JCo) libraries to the workbench. See Configuring the environment for batch input tests.


  1. In the SAP GUI, create a batch input transaction recording and export the recording to the file system.
    1. In the SAP GUI, click System > Services > Batch input > Recorder The SAP GUI Transaction Recorder opens.
    2. Click New recording.
    3. Type a name for the Recording, type the Transaction code for the transaction that you want to record, and then click Start recording.
    4. Record the actions that you want the batch input test to perform. To stop the recording, click Back or press F3. After recording, the SAP GUI returns to the Transaction Recorder.
    5. Click Recording > Export, type a location and file name for the recording, and then click Transfer.
  2. In the workbench, click File > New > Other > Test > Test Assets > SAP Batch Input Test, and then click Next. The SAP Batch Input Test wizard opens.
  3. Select the project and folder where you want to create the batch input test, type a name for the new test, and then click Next.
  4. On the SAP Batch Input Connection page, type the connection details that are required to connect to the SAP R/3 server. These are the same settings that are used to connect with SAP GUI.
  5. On the New SAP Batch Input Transaction page, click Browse to select the batch input transaction recording that you exported. Code and Data display the contents of the recording. If you do not provide a recording file, an empty batch input test will be generated.
  6. Click Finish.