Socket connection details

In the test editor, socket connection elements describe the connection to a server. A connection must exist before you can send or receive data. These settings apply to all send, receive, and close elements that use the selected connection.
Establish a new connection to the host
Specify whether to create a new connection to the host or to reuse a connection from a different test. Select Reuse an existing connection if you are using multiple split tests in a Schedule. For example, one test can open a connection, another test can reuse the connection, and a final test can close the connection. Specific name is a label that must match the name specified in the test that opens the connection.
Host and Port
Specify the computer name or IP address, and the port, to which the connection is made.
Specify the timeout delay (in seconds) after which the test returns an error if no connection is established.
Symbolic name
Type the name of the connection as it will appear in the test results.
Think Time (ms)
Specify the programmatically calculated time delay that is observed before executing the current test element. Think time is a statistical emulation of the amount of time actual users spend reading or thinking before performing an action.
Connection time
This is the reference time that was measured when the test was recorded.
Client program
This is the name of the recorded client application