Adding Text verification points

To check the text content that is returned by the service response, you can add a text verification point in the service test. When you add the verification point, you can check whether the text matches equally with the response or whether the response contains the text.


  1. Open the Test editor, right-click a response element and select Add > Text Verification Point.
  2. In Verification Point Name, specify a name for the verification point.
  3. In the Operator field, select the basis of comparison between the text to be verified and the response content.
  4. To search between the offset values, select From Offset and To Offset check boxes and specify the offset values.
  5. To search between two string values, select From String and To String check boxes and specify the strings. You must also specify the number where the strings occurred.

    For example, if there are four occurrences of 'My Text' in the content and you want to verify the text that is between second and third occurrence, you should specify 2 and 3 in From String and To String respectively.

  6. To do a case-sensitive match, select the Case sensitive check box.
  7. To ignore carriage return/ line feed in the response, select the Ignore CL/LF when matching check box.
  8. Save the test and run it.


The Service Verification Point Report shows the number of Text Verification Points that passed or failed.