Adding attachment verification points

Service attachment verification points enable you to check that the attachment of a service response matches the specified criteria.

Before you begin

When you add verification points, the results from a service response are compared with the expected data that are specified in the verification point test element. Attachment verification points enable you to verify that an expected attachment is delivered with the response.

Attachment verification points return a Pass status when all the criteria of an attachment match the expected criteria specified in the verification point test element. If any of the criteria do not match, the verification point returns a Fail status.

You can use the test editor to create or edit verification points.


To add attachment verification points to a performance test:

  1. Open the test editor and select a service response element.
  2. Click Add and select Attachment Verification Point.
  3. In the Test Element Details area of the test editor, type a name for the verification point, and specify the criteria to be verified. All criteria must match in order for the verification point to pass.
    1. In the case of multiple attachments, set the Index of attachments to the index number of the attachment to be checked. Type 1 if there is only one attachment in the response.
    2. Specify the expected size in bytes of the attachment.
    3. Specify the MIME type and encoding of the attachment.

What to do next

You can enable or disable each verification point by clicking Enable verification point in the test editor.