Security considerations for HCL OneTest™ Performance

You can take actions to ensure that you customize your security settings and set up user access controls. You can also learn about any security limitations that you might encounter with this application.

Enabling secure communication between multiple applications

The workbench computer that controls the execution of the test communicates with the remote agent computers. The agents apply load for HCL OneTest™ Performance. The communication can be secure or nonsecure. By default, the tool use nonsecure communication. Also, if a workbench computer uses a self-signed certificate, it cannot be changed. Agent computers are trusting.

Ports, protocols, and services

The Majordomo service running on remote agents must run with administrator or super user credentials, which means that the test execution it supports has full privileges on the test computer where it resides. Product communication uses HTTP and HTTPS. Ports are configurable.

Customizing your security settings

Datasets can be encrypted and access controlled by password that is difficult, but not impossible, to break.

Privacy policy considerations

This software offering does not use cookies or other technologies to collect personally identifiable information. For additional information on cookies, see the Notices topic.

Security limitations

Passwords are stored using Eclipse mechanisms that are difficult but not impossible to break.

Workbench and agent communication is encrypted but not absolutely safe from impersonation attack.