Creating a dataset in a workspace

You can create datasets in a workspace containing variable data that tests use when they run. You can use this method to create a dataset if you have not yet created the test that will use it.


  1. Click File > New > Dataset.
  2. In the New Dataset window, click the project that contains the dataset. The project is displayed in the Enter, create, or select the parent folder field.
  3. In the Name field, type the name of the dataset, and then click Next.
  4. Optional: In the window for describing the dataset, add a description.
  5. In the Dimensions field, specify the number of rows and columns for the dataset that you want to create.
  6. Click Finish.


The new dataset opens in a browser. For instructions on how to add data to or edit the dataset, see Editing a dataset.

new dataset

What to do next

After you have created a dataset and added data to it, you must associate a value in the test with a column in the dataset.