Defining a new client

To produce data, a recording session must start at least one client. Several clients come with the product. To automate starting a specific application, you can define a new client.

The only task for the client is to start an application and to notify the recording framework about client life cycle events. To configure a client so that it can be recorded by a recorder, see Defining how a recorder can record a client.

Sometimes there is no client to launch because the client already exists or because the client is a system that has its own life cycle. In this case, you can use the Manual client that comes with the product. The ID of the Manual client is

To define a new type of client, complete these tasks:

To implement the IClientDelegate interface:

If your client launches a specific process, you can extend the class. In this case, you need to extend only the initialize() method, and then invoke setter methods to set up the command line, arguments, environment variables, and working directory.