Viewing page response time contributions

You can view the response time contributions for individual pages to determine how much time was actually taken by the page to load and the time taken for the connection to go through and the delay on the client side of each page.

Before you begin

Because page elements can be returned in parallel from the server under test, the page response time is not necessarily the sum of the page element response times. Client delay and connection time also contribute to page response time. The page response time can be greater than the sum of the page element response times if, for example, a lengthy connection time adds a delay. Connection time includes the time required for Domain Name Services (DNS) lookups. Conversely, the page response time can be less than the sum of the page element response times if multiple page elements are returned in parallel. To view page element response times, which do not include client delay or connection time, see Viewing page element responses.


  1. Open the web analytics report.
  2. On the Page Performance report, click a page (represented by a bar) and click Page Response Time Contributions. The Page Response Time Contributions report shows the average response time taken for Connection Time, Client Delay Time, and Page Element Response Time.
  3. To return to the original report, click the Page Performance link in the breadcrumb.