Adding a batch input transaction

You can import batch input transactions that were recorded from the SAP GUI into an SAP batch input test. A batch input test can contain multiple batch input transactions.

Before you begin

You can add batch input transactions only to a batch input test, not to a regular SAP performance test. First create a new batch input test.

Batch input tests access the SAP server at a low level, bypassing the SAP GUI interface, and therefore cannot contain any verification points or SAP GUI elements. Their main purpose is to simulate a load on the server when added to a test schedule that already contains SAP performance tests. Only the SAP performance tests provide accurate SAP application performance measurement.


To add an SAP batch input transaction to a batch input test:

  1. Open the batch input test in the test editor.
  2. In the Test Contents area of the test editor, right-click the test node, and click Add > Transaction. Placing the batch input transaction inside a transaction is not mandatory, but it is a good practice, because the performance report shows the results for each transaction separately.
  3. Right-click the transaction and click Add > SAP Batch Input Transaction. This opens the SAP Batch Input File Selection window.
  4. Select a batch input transaction file that was recorded with the SAP GUI batch input recorder, and then click Open.

What to do next

After creating elements, you can use the test editor to change values. You can also replace values with a dataset variable or a reference. You can also place the batch input transaction inside a loop to make it repeat several times during the test.