Citrix logoff details

In the test editor, the logoff element is located at the end of the Citrix test. The logoff element is created only when the recording is stopped by clicking Stop Recording
Stop Recording button
in the Recorder Control window. Other methods of ending a recording, such as closing the Citrix XenApp client or closing the Windows session, do not create a session logoff element in the generated test.

Session Logoff Attributes

Session Title
This is the name of the current session. By default, it is the same as the name of the test.
Type of Event
Select whether the logoff element performs a Logoff or a Disconnect event.

Think Time

Enable Think Time
Select this option to specify a think time for the current user input action.
Think Time
Specifies the programmatically calculated time delay that is observed for each virtual user when this test is run with multiple virtual users. Think time is a statistical emulation of the amount of time actual users spend reading or thinking about an input before performing the action.