Enabling Citrix window verification points

You can use verification points on window titles to check whether a window with a specific caption is created during the test. Alternatively you can set a verification point on the synchronization criteria of the window to check whether the window position, size, and style match the expected criteria, regardless of the contents. You can enable window verification points for a specific test or generate them automatically by setting the test editor preferences.

Before you begin

During the run, verification points produce a pass, fail, error, or inconclusive status in the Citrix Verification Point report and in the test log.

Mandatory window synchronization events always have a verification point enabled. This setting causes the test to have a fail status if the window does not synchronize.

About this task

To automatically enable verification points each time a window title changes during the recording, click Window > Preferences > Test > Performance Test Generation > Citrix Test Generation, and select Verification point on every window title change.


When verification points are disabled, you can enable verification points for a specific test:

  1. Open the test.
  2. In the test editor, select a session or a window event. Your choice determines whether the verification point that you select is added to all windows in the test or to a particular window in the test.
  3. Right-click, and select Enable Window VPs. To inspect or set your verification points, see Specifying window verification point criteria.
    Note: Verification points on mandatory window synchronization elements cannot be disabled.