Viewing Citrix image synchronization timeouts

When an Citrix image synchronization fails, it produces a synchronization timeout in the test log. To help you determine why the image synchronization failed, you can view an actual screen capture of the synchronization screen area in the Citrix Image Synchronization view.


  1. In the Performance Test Runs view, right-click the test log container and select Display Test Log. The test log opens in the editor with the Overview page selected.
  2. Click the Events tab.
  3. Expand the top line of the Events hierarchy and navigate to the Image timeout element that was produced during the run.
  4. Select the image timeout to open the Citrix Image Synchronization view. If necessary, you can open the Citrix Image Synchronization view manually by selecting Window > Show View > Other > Test > Citrix Image Synchronization.

    When an image timeout is selected, this view shows the actual screen area recorded during the run and the expected image from the test. The bottom line of the view displays the actual and expected hash code or extracted text.

  5. If you want to modify the test to take into account the actual value that produced the timeout, you can replace the expected value in the test with the actual value from the run by clicking the Replace value Add value icon button, or you can add the actual value as an alternate synchronization value by clicking the Add value Add value icon button.