Specifying window verification point criteria

Window verification points produce a fail status in the test execution report if they differ from the specified expected criteria.


  1. In the test editor, select a window event element. You can set a verification point on any window event that creates, activates, or destroys a window that contains a title.
  2. Ensure that Enable verification point on synchronized window event is enabled for the selected window event element.
  3. In the test editor, select the window element that contains the window event.
  4. Select the event synchronization criteria:
    • X position and Y position: Select these options to specify that the top left corners of the window must be located at the same coordinates.
    • Width and Height: Select these options to specify that the window must be the same size.
    • Title: Select this option to specify that the window must have the same title.
    The window styles are a mandatory criteria and cannot be disabled.
  5. If you selected Title, the Window title field shows the expected title. If necessary, you can change the expected title in the Window title field.

    You can use standard regular expressions to specify the expected title by selecting Use regular expressions.


Whenever the test runs with a verification point enabled on a window create, activate, or destroy event, a fail status is reported in the test log if the criteria returned by the Citrix server for the window does not contain the expected criteria.