The testOptions extension point

The testOptions extension point is used to contribute user interface elements for displaying options for a protocol in the Details area of the root element in the tree, Performance Test or Schedule. Each contribution is displayed in a separate tab in a Tab folder.
The testOptions extension point has the following attributes:
Attribute Description
label The text to be displayed in the tab title.
toolTip The text to be displayed in the tab tooltip.
image The image to be displayed in the tab title.
feature_id The feature to which these options pertain, currently not filtered.
order The numeric order of the tab, used to sort tabs. If no number is given or there are duplicate numbers, the label will be used for sorting.
class The class that will be instantiated to display and handle options. The default implementation base class, DefaultOptionsHandler , provides convenience methods. This class is abstract, which means that it needs to be extended to provide concrete user interface elements. The default implementation of the ExtLayoutProvider class for Test objects, DefaultTestLayoutProvider, loads and displays relevant options declared through this extension point.