Converting JMeter tests to VU schedule

You can convert a JMeter test to a VU schedule to load and test the performance of an application under test.

About this task

HCL OneTest™ Performance analyzes the selected JMeter test to add the number of users and loop iteration count in the VU schedule. When you convert the JMeter test to a VU schedule, the Thread Group information from the original JMeter test is extracted to create a new JMeter test and VU schedule. The extracted JMeter test does not contain any load information because the VU schedule manages all the information such as the number of users and loop count.
  • If you have a JMeter test with more than one Thread Group information, each thread group is extracted to separate the JMeter test. The JMeter test invoked in the user group with a loop is equal to the number of Thread Group.
  • If you have a complex JMeter test, you must extract the functionalities that are included in the Modules or Include controllers into another JMeter tests. You must then add those JMeter tests to a VU schedule to run it.


  1. In the Test Navigator, browse and select the JMeter test.
  2. Right-click and click Convert to VU Schedule. Verify that the schedule name is the name of the JMeter test.
  3. Click Finish. The schedule editor opens.

What to do next

After you convert the JMeter test to a VU Schedule, you must run it against successive builds of the application under test and analyze the results that are recorded.