Adding resource counters to reports

To view performance data of resource counters that are not shown in the report by default, you can add the resource counters.

Before you begin

You must have enabled capturing of resource monitoring data in the schedule. See Enable resource monitoring.


  1. Open the Performance Report, and from the list of Pages, click Resources.
  2. Click the Menu icon Menu and then click the Edit icon Edit.
  3. To update the graph, click the Settings icon Settings on the graph. There would be multiple Settings icons for a report.
  4. On the View Settings page, click Counters, and click the Add icon Add.
  5. From the dropdown, select Resource Monitoring and then from the Component dropdown, select a unit of measurement such as Min, Max, or Average.
  6. Click Apply, click Save, and then click the Edit icon.


The changes are reflected in the resource monitoring graph.