Adding a socket close

You can manually add a socket close element to a socket API performance test.

Before you begin

In a performance test, socket close elements close the connection to a server. A socket close element relates to a specific socket connection.

Ensure that for each socket connection, there is a corresponding socket close. If not, during the test run, the operating system can run out of socket handles, causing the test to fail.


  1. Open the performance test in the test editor.
  2. In the Test Contents area of the test editor, right-click the test node, and click Add > Socket Close.
  3. In the Test Element Details section, click Change and select the socket connection that you want to close. You can specify a Think Time delay before the test establishes the connection.


After you have closed a connection, you can no longer send or receive data from that connection. If any test elements use a connection after the close element, they are flagged with an error in the test editor.