Verifying received message size

With size verification points, you can check that actual received data matches the expected data size in bytes as specified in the verification point.

About this task

When you add verification points, the received data is compared with the expected data that is specified in the verification point test element. With size verification points, you can check the number of bytes in a socket receive element and return a Pass status when the criteria is met.


To add a size verification point to a socket test:

  1. Open the test editor, right click a socket receive element, and select Add > Size Verification Point.
  2. Select the verification point, and in the Test Element Details area of the test editor, specify the verification criteria:
    Comparison operator
    Specify the criteria that is used to perform the verification with these operators:
    • Is
    • Is less than
    • Is less or equals
    • Is more than
    • Is more than or equal to
    • Is not
    Value (bytes)
    Specify the size criteria for the verification point.

What to do next

You can enable or disable each socket verification point by clicking Enable verification point in the test editor.