Viewing stage results in real time - Legacy Reports

When you run a schedule that contains stages, you can analyze results for each stage in real time. You can set preferences to control how stage results are displayed in real time.


  1. Click Window > Preferences > Test > Performance Test Reports. The Performance Test Reports page opens.
  2. Under Staged Run Report Focus Behavior, select one of these options:
    Option Description
    Remain focused on default time range Select this option to view a report for the complete time range instead of for the active stage. You can still manually change focus to any completed stage, and you can view and compare reports for any completed stage.
    Open a new report on the active time range Select this option to automatically open a new report each time a stage begins. You can view and compare reports for the active stage and any completed stages.
  3. Click OK, and then run tests as you would normally.